Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Melted Butter

Melted butter is a choice pizza topping/dipping sauce for those wishing to no longer be a noob.

"Yeah, I'll have a large pepperoni pizza... melted butter on the side.


Fuck This Game

Usually said by author Dungey after a thorough ass-whipping in any particular video game. Followed, usually, by dramatically throwing the controller, resetting the console, exiting the game or otherwise ending the playing time.

*Dungey loses 17th round of Blockles.
*Dungey exits the web-browser.


Rock Helmet

A choice military helmet worn by those playing Guitar Hero. Rock Out Helmet's can be from any era, though it is known that generally, only homosexuals wear those helmets originating from the 1960's.

*Kirley adorns Vietnam Rock Helmet.
Dungey - "Nice Rock Helmet *cough* fag *cough*"
*Kirley removes Vietnam Rock Helmet and adorns WWII-era Rock Helmet.
*Dungey lols.

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