Wednesday, October 8, 2008

long time coming

Real Talk

Used to dictate something that is common knowledge, or truth.



Hydro Bill

An amount of 30$. Commonly used to grab cash from student for petty use of electrical appliances. Money sought in this way is often used for the ingestion of coccaine.

"He used the light in his room, that's at least a hydro bill."


Glowstick in a pond

Something that is not commonly understood by the population. Usually something that is instated by an outside force, suddenly.

"Tax cuts? That's a glowstick in a pond man..."


Body Massage

Used to cap off a sentance of particular offense.

"YO MOMMA... ohhhh body massage."


Winning Rick Roll:

A Rick Roll of particular planning and execution, that goes above and beyond the status of a normal rick roll.

Placing a computer sound system strategically beneathe the bed of a visiting friend, running it's wires through the wall into a joining bedroom. Early in the morning, cueing a rick roll, from full volume.

"Yeah, it's about 1am now... let's give him the winning rick roll."


Michael Buble

Critically acclaimed canadian recording artist. Excellent reviews and overall, more gross sales then Neil Young, a particularly homosexually inclined canadian recording artist.

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