Thursday, June 26, 2008



- Noun

A combination of the words 'noob' and 'noodle'. This insult only really applies to one specific online gamer, as it is a play on his screen name. Rasta Kid, who was later ridiculed as Pasta Kid, had his name naturally made fun of by being called a 'noodle noob' or 'noodley noob'. To shorten this between rounds of a popular game; Blockles, he was promptly called a Nooble. To properly use this word in an insult, non of the other words in the sentace should correspond, in any way, with the above example.

"Hahahaha! Nooble, you noodley fuckin' blockle toaster pie!"


Dick Nuts:

A common insult, referring to key male genitalia. Used most commonly to address key notes, emails, instant messages or other important documents.

"Hey, dick nuts: You like men."


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